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Advantages and disadvantages of Open Banking for Consumers

Advantages and disadvantages of open Banking for customers

The rise of Open Banking in recent years has radically reshaped the financial services industry, using novel APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) from third-party developers to offer flexible solutions to improve the connections between financial institutions, retailers, service providers, and their customers. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of Open Banking?  The benefits of improved […]

The role of APIs in Open Banking ecosystems

The role of APIs in Open Banking ecosystems by Ordopay

Navigating the financial frontier: role of APIs in Open Banking Open Banking is radically reshaping the financial ecosystem for individuals and institutions alike, enabled by the successful development and introduction of financial APIs (application programming interfaces).  APIs in banking allow you to share your personal financial data with the organisations offering you the products and […]

Open Banking Donations

Open Banking Donations

Giving 2.0: the impact of Open Banking donations Simple, swift, and secure, Open Banking technology has revolutionised fundraising and charitable giving in recent years. The rise of customised financial APIs makes it straightforward for charities to boost personal donations with instantly transferred account-to-account (A2A) payments, simultaneously reducing overhead costs. Traditional methods, such as card payments or direct […]

How Open Banking benefits E-commerce

open banking eCommerce

As E-commerce continues to grow its share of the UK retail market (26.5% and rising), Open Banking technology is at the forefront of product innovation and market development.

The future of Variable Recurring Payments: trends and innovations

A P I 5

Discover the future of variable recurring payments in the ever-evolving banking landscape. Explore emerging trends, technological advancements, enhanced security measures, regulatory compliance, and the rise of the subscription economy in this insightful blog.

Open Banking donations: Cutting through fees to channel more to those in need

innovation donations via Open Banking

The emergence of Open Banking is profoundly impacting the charity sector by reducing transaction fees, improving access and reach, strengthening donor streams and enhancing the donor journey. Open Banking donations benefit from increased transparency, offering donors more clarity in how their funds are spent and building trust and confidence in their chosen charity’s performance.

Plug-and-Play payments: A quick and secure way for businesses to reduce their payment processing fees – and regulatory burden

Plug and play payments

About Plug-and-Play payments As the competitive environment continues to accelerate, it has never been more critical for businesses to maximise revenues and reduce transaction costs. Forward-looking businesses use ‚ÄúPlug-and-Play‚ÄĚ payments to simplify payment processing fees, seamlessly integrating online payments into the customer journey without significant technological adaptation.¬† Fintech innovations such as Plug-and-Play use API technology, […]

Bridging the gap: Leveraging Open Banking for inclusive lending – from smart borrowing to real-time disbursals

man jumping through a gap - hill, representing Open Banking brodging gaps in payments, including disbursals

Open Banking offers many new opportunities across the lending landscape, with financial APIs delivering novel solutions and increasing inclusivity. The growth of inclusive lending is powered by the secure sharing of additional data sources like utility bills and rent payments. These facilitate alternative credit scoring, swifter decision-making processes and the creation of highly personalised financial […]

The future of banking: How API Technology is revolutionising the industry

A P I 2 1

API (Application Programming Interface) technology is revolutionising the banking industry, significantly changing how individuals and institutions interact. It offers your organisation instantaneous collaboration and greater connectivity, making cross-border transactions more efficient and convenient. API banking technology is transformational and innovative, enhancing customer experiences and increasing data security in several ways: So, it‚Äôs essential to understand […]

The evolution of digital banking: The next chapter in the evolution of fintech

The evolution of digital banking: The next chapter in the evolution of fintech

After centuries of rigid protocols and traditional techniques, the banking industry has undergone a radical transformation powered by the rapid rise of digital banking. With access no longer restricted by the need to visit a physical branch during business hours, innovative fintech solutions have quickly revolutionised how we handle our finances. Over the last thirty […]

Revolutionising the World of Finance: Exploring the power of financial innovation

Revolutionising the World of Finance: Exploring the Power of Financial Innovation

1. Introduction Financial Innovation is revolutionising the world of finance with the rapid development and delivery of novel financial services and products. API integration in banking enables greater specialisation and personalisation, while Open Banking technology improves accessibility and creates consumer confidence in digital banking. That means individuals and businesses can benefit from bespoke banking services more tailored to their needs. […]

The Future of Banking: How API Technology is revolutionising the industry

The Future of Banking: How API Technology is revolutionising the industry - Ordopay

1. Introduction API (Application Programming Interface) technology is revolutionising the banking industry, significantly changing how individuals and institutions interact. It offers your organisation instantaneous collaboration and greater connectivity, making cross-border transactions more efficient and convenient. API banking technology is transformational and innovative, enhancing customer experiences and increasing data security in several ways: So, it‚Äôs essential […]

Unlocking the power of financial APIs: A Guide to seamless financial data integration


The global fintech sector is growing exponentially, with new opportunities and challenges created daily.¬†Financial APIs offer your organisation the tools to maximise your opportunities in this fast-moving sector. Here‚Äôs our guide to unlocking the power of financial APIs and understanding how to integrate these tools seamlessly into your business. Understanding financial APIs: What are they […]

Streamline bill and invoice payments with Open Banking Payments: A comprehensive guide

Illustration of an invoice with a QR code and a hand using a calculator for bill payments

Paying bills and invoices is a necessary but often tedious task for both businesses and consumers. However, open banking and account-to-account (A2A) payments are modernising how bills and invoices can be paid, offering more convenient, secure, and cost-effective options. In today‚Äôs blog, we‚Äôll explore how open banking is transforming bill and invoice payments and the […]

Empower Wealth Creation with faster client onboarding

Empower wealth creation with faster client onboarding

Accelerating Wealth Creation – Streamlining client onboarding for enhanced financial growth In our swiftly evolving digital landscape, where customers demand seamless payment experiences, businesses must adapt and innovate to outshine the competition. A critical factor in achieving success lies in facilitating wealth creation. Through harnessing next generation technologies and embracing streamlined payment solutions, businesses can […]

The different payment options available with Ordo: unlock hassle-free transactions

There are many innovative payment options available as payment technology advances

Expanding payment options is more than just a convenience: it represents a strategic decision capable of significantly influencing a business’s success. Providing different payment methods in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape empowers enterprises to elevate customer convenience, amplify sales, and strengthen their competitive stance in the dynamic and diverse contemporary market. Enters Ordo’s ground-breaking ‘Payments […]

Transform payment experiences to meet changing customer expectations

Customer payment experiences are evolving and driven by digital transformation including Open Banking as a Service, Instant payments and Digital banking.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customer expectations are evolving rapidly, especially when it comes to payment experiences. Customers now demand convenience, speed, and security when making transactions, whether it’s online shopping, bill payments, or money transfers. To meet these changing expectations, businesses need to embrace innovative solutions and technologies that enhance the payment process. In […]

The Future of Payments and how OrdoPay is leading the way

Then future of payments lies in the continual innovation of the digital world

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, the way we make payments is also evolving rapidly. Gone are the days of carrying bulky wallets filled with cash and relying on physical cards to make purchases. The future of payments lies in the realm of digital transactions and cashless payments, revolutionising the way we […]

The JROC Report: A Summary

Alt text: An open book with small text, accompanied by a pair of glasses, representing the JROC Report's summary on Open Banking, Payment Initiation, and Fintech's Future.

On 17 April 2023, the so-called Joint Regulatory Oversight Committee (JROC), comprising an alphabet soup of regulators: the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), and HM Treasury (HMT), published its long-awaited report.

Cultivating positive mental well-being as a leader and fostering mental health awareness: Ted Lasso’s and Bren√© Brown‚Äôs lessons on overcoming stigma and embracing vulnerability

A cream and stone coloured ceramic mug enlarged in foreground, showing the slogan ‚ÄėSee the good‚Äô being held by a white woman

Building and leading a company or even a team can be exhilarating, but it can also take a toll on your mental health. As a leader, it’s essential to prioritise self-care and establish strategies for mental health awareness, maintaining positive well-being. In this blog post we’ll explore valuable tips and tricks for leaders, drawing inspiration […]

Unveil the Wealth of Variable Recurring Payments (VRP)

Variable Recurring Payments allows for greater flexibility and financial freedom for business and customers

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, variable recurring payments (VRP) have emerged as a powerful tool in the realm of financial services.¬†VRP payments¬†offer flexibility and convenience for both businesses and consumers, allowing for adaptable payment structures and low-cost transactions.