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Open Banking donations: Cutting through fees to channel more to those in need

innovation donations via Open Banking

Revolutionising giving: The impact of Open Banking donations 

The emergence of Open Banking is profoundly impacting the charity sector by reducing transaction fees, improving access and reach, strengthening donor streams and enhancing the donor journey.

Open Banking donations benefit from increased transparency, offering donors more clarity in how their funds are spent and building trust and confidence in their chosen charity’s performance.

Simpler payment processes using financial APIs streamline the donation process, cutting costs and encouraging more frequent contributions.

Fintech innovations and AI-led automation encourage new product development in the Open Banking charity sector, enabling collaboration on novel fundraising strategies, attracting donors, and maintaining reliable income streams.

Open Banking is revolutionising how people give to charities, minimising fees and maximising donor revenues to help those in need quicker than ever.

Understanding Open Banking donations

Open Banking enables confidential financial data to be shared securely with third-party technology providers, creating significant opportunities for innovation and cost reduction in the charity sector.

Financial APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) can deliver donations directly to charities via the donor’s banking application, simplifying and speeding up the payment process.

Fast, efficient and secure, these payment processes also benefit charities by reducing transaction costs and increasing the funds available to assist those most in need. 

Open Banking fundraising also benefits from data analytics, enabling charities to create more personalised fundraising campaigns, targeting individual donors with meaningful messages more likely to trigger donations.

With no need to fill out direct debit forms, Open Banking charity donations become a few quick taps on the phone, with far less risk of hesitation or exit before the contribution is confirmed. 

‚ÄúRounding-up‚ÄĚ features allow donors to contribute more than before, with¬†micro-donations delivered to a chosen charity, monitored at all times by the donor.¬†

The role of Open Banking in Charity fundraising

Open Banking donations will have an ever-increasing role in charity fundraising, in line with all other personal finance sectors. It makes sense to understand the opportunities and adapt accordingly.

Open Banking fundraising is revolutionising how donations are requested, collected and managed in several intriguing ways.

      • On-the-spot donations: Enable donations to be requested instantly via QR codes, where donors can simply scan the code to either approve the donation or select the desired amount to give. This innovative approach facilitates easy collection of funds in a digital landscape, ensuring secure and traceable donations even in a cashless society.

      • Streamlined donations¬†are made directly from donor bank accounts in seconds without time-consuming manual inputs

      • Immediate transactions¬†deliver funds directly to the charity, enabling swift response to urgent appeals and allocating resources where they are needed most

      • Cost reductions¬†generated by automation and AI channel a more significant percentage of the donor‚Äôs contribution to those in need

      • Enhanced personalisation¬†from data analytics extracted from Open Banking applications enables charities to better understand donor behaviour and responses

      • Recurring donations: Offer a flexible alternative to direct debits with Variable Recurring Payments (VRP), enabling donors to securely agree to donate each month or at another frequency, with the same or variable amounts, on a date that doesn’t affect their other payments. This user-friendly donation method not only provides flexibility but also addresses concerns about data processing and storage, security, and the preference for flexibility among donors.

    Security and trust in charity donations made via Open Banking

    Trust and confidence are enhanced by the transparency and immediacy of Open Banking charity donations, with donors reassured by the protections offered.

    User-friendly donation platforms are supported by high-level encryption and multi-factor authentication protocols, ensuring that every donation reaches its intended destination.

    Financial APIs increase visibility at each transaction stage, with the donor fully aware of the funds being made available to their chosen charity and the reduced costs connected with the transfer.

    Integrating personal or business bank accounts with Open Banking charity platforms is safe, secure and swift, offering seamless transactions.

    Verifying the identities of the donor and the recipient is vital in maintaining security and trust in charity fundraising, and Open Banking protocols are ideally suited to achieving this aim.

    Compliance with regulatory requirements is also enhanced by Open Banking fundraising, with automatically generated records and a clear audit trail for all transactions.

    The future of Open Banking in charitable contributions

    Open Banking charity donations are gaining momentum with the sharp and constant rise of digital personal banking, with no barriers to future growth.

    As more of our lives are conducted online, the charity sector must respond by connecting with potential donors on user-friendly platforms that encourage charitable giving and build stronger relationships for ongoing support.

    With donor consent, Open Banking fundraising has unlimited opportunities to explore varying support methods, including micro-donations, round-up contributions, specific appeals and legacy contributions.

    Using data analytics, charities can leverage Open Banking donations into more targeted and personalised campaigns, strengthening the emotional connection between the donor, the charity and those who need assistance.

    Trust, confidence and security are enhanced by greater transparency and tracking of contributions from the donor to those being supported.

    More importantly, increased automation delivers the donation directly to those in need, with transaction costs cut to a minimum, empowering charities to maximise the value of the donor’s support.


    Open Banking donations offer the charitable sector various immediate and achievable benefits.

    Charitable donations made via financial APIs are fast, secure, and convenient for the donor and cost-effective, flexible, and compliant for the charity receiving the assistance.

    Traditional charity donations continue to be slow, cumbersome and costly, with fixed transaction or currency conversion fees.

    Open banking channels quickly support those who need it most with reduced fees, enhanced security, and transparency.

    It’s the future for giving. 

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