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Paying Tribute To Hairdressers – But Not Cash

Hands up if you’re ready for a haircut!  In the last few weeks, the UK’s businesses have been slowly coming back to life with parks, restaurants and non-essential stores opening their doors once again.  Although it’s great to finally be able to splash out on a latte and splurge on shoes, most of us have been waiting not so patiently to find out when our barber shops and hair salons will finally be open for business.  This week, it was announced that salons will be permitted to re-open from the 4th of July.  Although this is great news for those of us whose do’s have become more Trump than Twiggy, safety will, of course, be a primary concern. 

Letting our hair down as restrictions lift

Since lockdown restrictions began to ease, there’s been much speculation over what kind of safety measures could be introduced in order to allow salons to re-open safely.  Although it won’t, of course, be possible to maintain the government’s distance guideline of two metres between stylist and customer, other safety procedures could be applied.  It’s been suggested that hair styling professionals may wear full face visors and gloves and that salons might use every second chair only in order to provide distance between visitors.  As the stylist and the customer tend not to face each other during cuts and treatments, it’s argued that visiting a salon will carry less risk than other establishments such as shops and cafes.  Whilst these measures will introduce a safe way to tackle our tresses, one important issue still remains – paying for your pampering. 

Cash flow problem

Needless to say, as we move into the new normal, barbers and hair salons will not, in all likelihood, be accepting cash payments as hand to hand contact will still be very much restricted.  Although some will tackle this problem by insisting on contactless payment, this presents its own set of problems with machines and desks being handled by multiple people during the course of a day; leading to the need for constant cleaning.  Some have suggested that salons introduce an ‘account’ system for customers, however, this has largely been dismissed due to the fact that it leaves the salon open to fraud and non-payment. 

Ordo offers the perfect solution for salons with its non-contact payment system.  Quick and easy, a salon can create a Smart Request for payment using the customer’s email address or mobile telephone number and send it in seconds.  The customer is immediately notified and can authorise payment instantly from their bank account.  The salon can attach an invoice, itemised bill or even a photo of the back of the haircut to make sure that its accounts are kept in order… payment lands immediately in their bank account, fully referenced with no fees deducted and, is automatically reconciled.  At a time when cash presents a physical risk to human health, and high cost and delayed card payments a risk to the health of businesses, Ordo’s solution is a win-win for both salon owners and customers. 

As we all look forward to getting back to our best selves, Ordo’s zero contact, immediate transfer and low cost payment system is at the forefront when it comes to leading the UK out of lockdown and back to business.