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Ordo Offers A New Lease Of Life For Landlords And Tenants

During the first half of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across a number of industries – not least the residential property market.  At the beginning of April, landlords were advised that they were no longer permitted to show prospective tenants around properties or, in fact, to enter the properties they owned if a tenant was in residence.  Needless to say, this unprecedented situation posed a threat to landlord’s livelihoods as well as problems for tenants.  Due to the restrictions, tenants were unable to gain access to vital tradespeople such as plumbers and boiler repair personnel meaning that many were left without essentials such as hot water. 

Safety is close to home

On the 12th of May, the British government relaxed restrictions for estate agents and landlords, meaning that landlords were able to show their properties once again as well as performing activities such as cleaning, inspections and checking in and out of tenants.  However, as with any other industry, certain restrictions remain in place.  During all of these activities, a distance of two metres must be maintained and, it’s advised that necessary functions such as ‘Right To Rent’ checks should be carried out by video messaging with prospective tenants.  

We can, of course, expect many changes in the rental landscape as we move forward, including restrictions on the number of tenants per household and stringent procedures for the cleaning and sanitisation of properties, furniture and equipment.  One area which will require a degree of change is the payment of rent.  In the UK, a large number of rent payments involve the landlord visiting the property to collect either cash or a cheque.  With distancing measures in place, these kinds of transactions are set to become a thing of the past – which may present a challenge to landlords and tenants. Additionally, many tenants have been furloughed or have been working reduced hours – with some being out of work completely – which presents issues in terms of affordability of rent.   We are, however, lucky enough to be living in the modern world – which means that we’re able to harness the power of technology to provide a low cost, convenient solution to the rent payment conundrum whereby, where necessary, multiple smaller payments can be made quickly and easily. 

The key to safe renting

Ordo is a safe and simple non-contact payment solution which can help landlords and tenants to keep payments up to date safely.  Landlords are able to create Smart Requests for payments using the tenant’s email address or mobile telephone number and send it within seconds with an attached invoice or statement of account.  The tenant will then be notified of the request and can authorise payment instantly from their bank account.  Ordo also helps to simplify the payment of rent from multiple tenants within one property, and help management of rent coming from multiple properties. And at a glance, property owners can see who’s paid and who hasn’t. 

Ordo is so simple to use that it requires absolutely no technical expertise or bespoke software.  With a couple of clicks, landlords can request and receive payments and keep their records up to date with detailed invoices, statements of account and reports. 

As we navigate our way into new ways of conducting business safely, Ordo helps to keep landlords and tenants as safe as houses during these troubled times.