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How COVID-19 has affected window cleaners

Window Cleaners Look For Transparent Payment Methods

Before COVID-19 arrived and began to impact every area of every industry, most UK home-owners enjoyed having their windows cleaned three or four times a year.  Sadly, clean windows are just one of the many things that UK citizens had to do without as the country battled the spread of the coronavirus. 

Payment is a ‘pane’ in the neck

Thankfully, due to a lifting of some restrictions, window cleaners are now able to resume their duties – which is a relief to both themselves and their customers.  Whilst this is good news, it does present a unique set of problems.  Like a lot of small, local tradesmen, window cleaners have always generally been paid in cash.  Unfortunately, in post-lockdown life, this won’t be possible due to the fact that government guidelines advise against cash as well as the fact that social distancing measures are still in place. 

Local tradespeople like window cleaners tend not to have huge profit margins and, so, very few are prepared to invest in credit card processing tools.  Some tradespeople have dealt with this issue by allowing customers to pay by cheque, however, this is not ideal as cheques can sometimes take up to a week to clear. 

A clean and safe solution

As with so many other things, technology may well provide the solution to the window cleaner’s sticky dilemma.  Ordo offers a completely safe, non-contact way of requesting and receiving payments.  Ordo lets window cleaners issue Smart Requests for payment using their customers’ email address or telephone number.  Once sent to the customer, immediate payment can be made directly from the customer’s bank account.  Ordo’s solution is particularly ideal for window cleaners as Smart Requests and payment can be made instantly on-site, limiting the risk of non-payment for the window cleaner. 

As with so many other businesses, window cleaners will need to prepare to adapt as lockdown eases and we re-enter the world with a whole new set of rules and guidance.  Not only is Ordo the perfect solution for window cleaners but, it’s easy to set up and takes virtually no technical expertise whatsoever.  So, it’s glass half full for the UK’s window cleaners. 

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