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Variable Recurring Payments (VRP) Solutions

Low cost, secure Open Banking Variable Recurring Payments solutions moving money in real time, with minimum friction, whilst giving payers the degree of control they’re craving


Simple, Swift and Secure

Fully hosted cloud service with bank grade security, accessed via single API integrated within weeks.


Plug-and-Play Open Banking Payments-as-a-Service

Turn-key solution that handles all the tech, whilst you concentrate on your business.


Adapted for Your Business

White-labelled end-to-end payment flows and automatic referencing including secure URL tokenised links and an optional redirect URL .

Variable Recurring Payments (VRP)

Collect repeated payments from customers under a single agreement – like a direct debit but dynamically flexible, with set up in minutes and instant payment. Amounts, frequency and oversight level can be altered, with agreement between business and payer, without having to cancel the relationship, meaning parties can dynamically respond to life’s changes: useful for businesses and helpful for consumers.

VRP comes with all the benefits of Request to Pay’s lower costs, the liquidity boost of immediate payment, greater security, enhanced customer experience and irrevocable payment, it is must have functionality for businesses collecting repeated payments be it via subscription, standing orders, hard to track single repeated payments and for those customers unwilling to pay by direct debit.

Set up mandates in minutes with VRP:

VRP - Setup Screen

1. Set up VRP mandate

2. Select bank & Authenticate​

3. All done!​


Make regular personal finance payments as frictionless as is desired.
Sweeping is the automatic, repeated transfer of money between two accounts in the same name, such as moving surplus funds into a separate savings account or paying off loans, reducing credit card bills or topping up pre-pay cards.

Direct debit replacement

Give customers the control they want enabling them to agree to repeated ongoing services and payment.

Subscriptions services

Real time set up and payment making the immediate delivery of goods and services a reality.

One-Click ecommerce

Ordering from favourite online retailers has never been so easy.

Embedded payments

Become the trusted, all-inclusive solution for your customers.
" We’re thrilled to be partnering with Ordo to bring instant Open Banking payments to our offering, both for pay out of loans to, and managed repayments from, our customers. All the team at Ordo were great to work with and the integration process was quick and easy with their expert guidance; they also worked with our CRM partner, BrightOffice, to ensure comprehensive assistance was given at every turn.

As the cost of living crisis continues, customers need affordable credit where repayments are constantly being tailored to their individual affordability, and that’s what this partnership brings.Working with Ordo means our customers can feel in control of their money and always have an up to date position of where they are at. "
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Damien Burke
Founder and CEO, Custom Credit
" We’re delighted to further extend our partnership with Ordo and to be able to trial offering Sweeping capability to our borrowers. We decided to partner with Ordo because it meant there was very little development for us to do. Ordo has developed, and hosts, the whole white-labelled payment journey, from keeping a history of borrower and repayment activity to customer screen development, and all with fantastic customer UX.

With a cost-of-living squeeze upon us, demand for our services will be high, so being able to pass cost savings, from day 1 of offering Sweeping functionality, on to our customers is essential for us. With this partnership, we can focus on the needs of our customers, not the complexities of technology delivery, improving financial management for our users, and make our lending, collections and reconciliation incredibly efficient. ”
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Shiona Crichton
CEO, Moneyline

Open banking
Payments-as-a-Service by Ordo

Ordo hosts, securely manages and coordinates all the complexity of payments and handles the heavy lifting open banking tech so you get paid effortlessly, and at low cost.