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Home sweet Home Work?

Rising at the crack of dawn to get the early morning train. Zooming down a cycle super highway surrounded by slew of other frantic cyclists. Singing along to the car radio as you sit in a traffic jam. No matter what mode of transport you used, many will have similar memories of your pre-Covid work commute. Though some people are returning to work in the office, for many home working has become the norm. We may miss chatting at the water cooler with our colleagues, but working from home is providing some surprising cost benefits for both businesses and their employees.

Reduce that tax bill

Have you had to buy a desk, computer, chair, or other equipment for your home office? If your employer hasn’t covered the cost then you might be able to claim tax relief as long as the equipment is used solely for work. HMRC will also allow you to claim tax relief on up to £6 a week of bills with no paperwork. This gives you a little help for things that are difficult to itemise like Wi-Fi or electricity that you use for both work and home life. 

Happier and more productive employees

Many businesses are finding that having their employees working from home is reducing their costs in unexpected ways.  Some companies have discovered that their employees are happier and more productive working from home at least part of the week. Happier employees are less likely to switch jobs, which saves companies the money needed to advertise for jobs and train new hires. 

Reign in transport costs

For many the commute to work meant investing in a costly season train ticket. Now, even if you are going to the office a few times a week, you have likely cut your transport costs significantly. Inquire as to whether you are eligible to get a partial or complete refund on that season ticket you’re no longer using. If you previously drove to work, you now you might be able to reduce the amount you spend on car insurance by changing your policy details from ‘commuter use’ to ‘social use’. Plus, you’ll be left with some extra money in your bank account since you won’t be filling up the petrol tank as much.

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