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Here comes the bride, with a mask muffled, “I do”?

Though Covid restrictions are fluid, as of now weddings are still continuing. This is happy news for not just couples eager to tie the knot, but also for the multitude of vendors who rely on weddings for their livelihood – planners, florists, caterers, photographers, dress makers, and many more.  During this time, we’ve seen vendors reimagine all aspects of the wedding ritual from seating layout to what we wear. During lockdown, one intrepid photographer even used Facetime to remotely take engagement photos, which he then retouched.

Because attendance numbers are restricted to fewer than 30 people, the focus has moved from large, crowded weddings to micro weddings (those with fewer than 20 guests), shift weddings (guests arrive and leave at preassigned times, so the number of people is kept to a minimum), multi-day weddings, and even live-streamed weddings. Venues are also being set up with social distancing in mind. Seats are arranged to accommodate bubbles of people and dance floors and bars are laid out in sections to allow people to celebrate safely. 

Wedding entertainment has had to turn down the volume so guests do not have to raise their voice to be heard over thumping music, but this doesn’t mean there is no fun to be had. Non-contact games like limbo and charades as well as entertainment such as illusionists and acoustic musicians can provide a quieter, but still festive atmosphere.

Gone are the days of the wedding buffet, which encouraged closely packed queues. Now people are opting for dining alternatives that keep guests within their bubbles. Table service is an obvious solution, but food trucks are another option that retain the casual feel of a buffet without the sharing of serving utensils. 

No article of clothing is more representative of the time we’re living in than the mask and so it’s no surprise that masks have made it into wedding ceremonies. Designers who used to specialise in bridal dresses are now branching out to create masks that aren’t out of place when paired with a white lace gown or a pinstriped suit. 

Wedding vendors have a lot to think about during this time, but their payment system shouldn’t be one of their concerns.  Ordo makes organisation easy by allowing vendors to include a reference with their payment request that means something to them.  It will even link the payment to accounts in Quickbooks, Sage, or Xero. Less time thinking about payment reconciliation means more time innovating your business. Find out more.