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Streamline bill and invoice payments

Enjoy secure transactions, convenient options, and automated billing for hassle-free processing

Paying bills shouldn’t be a headache. That’s where we step in with our expertise to shake things up, making the whole process more convenient, secure, and cost-effective.

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Ordo features

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Streamline payments

No more repetitive collection of account information for each biller with Ordo.

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Ensure transparency

Ordo includes enhanced remittance data in every payment for transparent transactions.

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Get paid instantly

Enjoy real-time transactions with Ordo, eliminating batch processing and delays.

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Boost efficiency

Ordo seamlessly integrates into accounting systems, offering a comprehensive billing solution.

Supercharge your billing strategy with effortless invoice processing

Optimise delivery and accelerate invoice payment probabilities

Make it easy for your customers to pay you, ensuring fraud-free and error-free transactions:

Explore a variety of seamless methods to request payments effortlessly. Collect payments with ease by providing secure tokenised links or QR codes through emails, WhatsApp messages, kiosks, in-stores, or by post.

Streamline payments by securely attaching invoices to the payment request, offering customers transparent details of the goods or services for efficient processing.

Eliminate the need for your customers to set up new payee details. With a simple click on the link or a scan of the QR code, customers can seamlessly log into their bank, where the payment is pre-set – no typing required. Eradicate fraud risk and ensure unparalleled convenience!

Stay in the know with real-time transaction updates! Ordo notifies you in real-time of the payment status. Once authorised, there’s no more waiting days for funds to settle—with Ordo, transactions are settled in real-time, 24×7.

Securely capture bank account details from the beginning to facilitate precise refunds and pay-outs, all with your customer’s consent. This guarantees accuracy, providing enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Ensure correct amounts with prepopulated fields, saving time, effort, and reducing mistakes to enhance the user experience. Say goodbye to countless hours spent on reconciliations!


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Enhanced security

Leverage bank-grade security, avoid storing card details, and initiate payments securely.

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Smart Reconciliations

Receive reconciled payments directly, saving your business thousands of hours per year.

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Avoid third-party fees and benefit from bank fee rebates with solutions like Ordo.


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Simplified compliance

Maintain an audit trail for invoices and payment confirmations. No requirement for PSD2 or PCI DSS compliance!

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Increased cashflow

Optimise working capital with real-time 24×7 bank transfers, via the Faster Payments network, cheaper than card payments.

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Remittance details

Include key metadata like invoice numbers and attachments.

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Initiate payments directly within your invoice management software with secure tokenised links or through QR codes.

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Switch to Ordo and reduce your payments costs

Ordo prioritises the safety and security of its clients and their customers. Customers see exactly what they’re paying for before they pay, they don’t need to download an app or signup for an account, and no sensitive payment data is ever shared. Secure payment links issued by Ordo can only be used once to prevent invoice fraud. If you have any concerns regarding data security and privacy, then contact our sales team today.
Immediately. Unlike most card and payment providers – which hold payments for 7-14 days – Ordo transfers funds to your bank account instantly with real-time payments. With no clearing time, your organisation will receive a cash flow boost. Book a Demo or contact our sales team to talk about real-time payments.

Absolutely. All payment fees are capped at 20p + VAT, and there’s no per-transaction fee whatsoever. This results in considerably lower costs than most card and payment providers like Paypal, Stripe, GoCardless, iZettle and SumUp.

Organisations that process high volumes of transactions are eligible to receive a payment fee discount. Enterprise clients save even more when they switch to Ordo.

To discuss your organisation’s requirements, simply book a demo or contact our sales team today.

Certainly. We know reconciling transactions can be difficult and time-consuming for organisations, especially those processing high volumes of payments. Ordo makes it effortless for your team to check and record payments, so they can spend less time reconciling and more time on more important tasks. See how Ordo makes account reconciliation quick and easy by booking a demo or contacting our sales team.
Incredibly easy. We’ve made it super simple for organisations to integrate Ordo into their existing payment infrastructure. Businesses can choose from a range of integration solutions to suit their needs and requirements. Our technical team will help you get set up with Ordo, so you can start saving immediately. Check out our solutions page or Book a Demo to learn more about integrating with Ordo.
100%. Ordo can handle variable recurring payments, so you don’t need to request authorisation for each individual transaction. This makes Ordo ideal for organisations that take fluctuating monthly payments. Contact our sales team to learn more about recurring payments.

About Ordo

Ordo is an Open Banking payments platform that reduces the cost of accepting payments, making it easier for customers to pay.

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