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Confirmation of Payee (CoP)

Ensure every payment reaches its intended destination and protect your business from fraud with Ordo’s Confirmation of Payee (CoP) service.

Safeguard your transactions against fraud and misdirected payments

What is Confirmation of Payee (CoP)?

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an essential account verification service designed to enhance payment security and accuracy for UK domestic transactions.
Consisting in verifying the recipient's account details, CoP helps prevent misdirected payments and provides assurance that payments are being sent and collected from the intended account holder.

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) has been introduced by the UK’s largest banks following regulatory action by the Payments Systems Regulator (PSR). This regulation requires the largest banks to ask their paying customers for the account title of any payment they are planning to make through Faster Payments before a payment can be made.

The bank asks the payer to enter the destination account title as part of the payment set up. The bank then checks with the destination bank to see if the title is correct. If the destination bank is participating in CoP they will either confirm a match, suggest a close match and play back the correct title, or deny a match.

Once this result is passed back to the payer, unless there is a full match, they can only proceed with the payment at their own risk.

While CoP is improving the security of payments, it is also making them much harder to set up for consumers and does not have wide coverage beyond the UK’s largest banks. Getting the account title correct is also harder than you might expect with many banks only accepting as valid one of a variety of account titles they use in different situations internally in the bank. It’s often the case that the title on a cheque book differs to that on a debit card, and also differs from the title used in payments or bank statements. Where the payee goes by a different name (e.g., Mike rather than Michael) this can result in failed matching – leading the payer to doubt the validity of the transaction.

The Ordo open banking payments services deliver an easier to use and more secure experience than CoP. When a consumer is presented with a payment to authorise, Ordo shows the payer the account title they are going to pay in advance. They don’t need to have entered it themselves, and the title shown is collected directly from the payee’s bank using a secure open banking transaction meaning there is no opportunity for corruption or interception.

Get it right from the start, every time

Use cases for CoP:

Your shield against payment errors and fraud

Ordo's CoP offers peace of mind and security for your payment processes by verifying in real-time recipient details before processing transactions.
How CoP works:

Get it right from the start, every time

Why use CoP?
CoP is an industry-wide initiative in the UK designed to prevent unauthorised payments and protect against deceptive practices like Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud.
This additional layer of security is crucial to combat payment fraud and ensure transaction accuracy. With payment details verified before transactions occur, Confirmation of Payee (CoP) helps businesses and consumers avoid falling victim to scams and transferring money to fraudulent accounts.
Using Confirmation of Payee (CoP) instils confidence in financial transactions, effectively preventing fraud and offering peace of mind and security for all parties involved.

Unlock the Benefits

Enhanced security

Protect your business from fraud and unauthorised transactions Ordo's Payment verification service (CoP).

Guaranteed accuracy

Verify recipient account details in real-time, ensuring accurate payments and reducing costly errors.

Compliance assurance

Stay compliant with regulatory standards and requirements, mitigating the risk of penalties and fines.

Build trust

Provide your customers with the assurance that their payments are secure and directed to the right recipient, enhancing trust and loyalty.

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Seamless integration options

Integrate Ordo’s CoP service seamlessly into your existing payment infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation tailored to your business needs.
Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our flexible integration options make it easy to enhance your payment processes.


Fully hosted cloud service with bank grade security, accessed via APIs and integrated within days.


Fully hosted cloud service with bank grade security, accessed via APIs and integrated within days.


Project managed API integration, process configuration and payment flows deployment.

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