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Aero Commerce partners with Ordo to enable Open Banking Payments for retailers at a lower cost

We’re thrilled to announce that Ordo, a leading Open Banking Payments-as-a-Service provider, has seamlessly integrated into the Aero Commerce platform. This strategic partnership marks a transformative moment for e-commerce, unlocking the full potential of Open Banking payments to benefit Aero merchants, web agencies, and consumers at minimal cost. Together, they’re addressing challenges like fraud, slow settlements, and high payment processing fees head-on.

The Open Banking Revolution

Open Banking isn’t just a trend; it’s a seismic shift in financial transactions. Over 7 million people are now using innovative Open Banking-enabled products for payments, with the UK leading the way. As Ordo joins forces with Aero Commerce, web agencies and retailers can enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Seamless checkouts: Empower customers to make payments directly through their online banking. Payments are effortlessly initiated via tokenised links or QR codes, ensuring a superior level of security that benefits both businesses and customer

  • Cost savings: Ordo offers commission-free Open Banking payments, saving businesses 80% or more compared to traditional card payments. No more expensive per-transaction fees, markups and setup costs when using Ordo with Aero Commerce Platform

  • Immediate settlements: Ordo ensures immediate and irrevocable payments directly into the merchant‚Äôs bank account, improving cash flow management.

  • Chargeback elimination: Since Ordo’s Open Banking payments are instant and irrevocable, the chargeback risk is eliminated, putting you in control of refunds.

  • Refund control: Open Banking by Ordo gives you full control over refunds, simplifying the process.

  • Plug-and-Play integration: Ordo’s integration into AERO Commerce eliminates the need for retailers to incur additional

    integration expenses. The onboarding process is straightforward and hassle-free, consisting of a simple plug-in within the payment platform. Retailers and web agencies can easily download the AERO package and connect their beneficiary account to start receiving payments.

  • Enhanced customer loyalty: Shoppers love the speed, security and convenience of Open Banking payments that make entering card or account details a thing of the past, and businesses no longer have to worry about storing sensitive information reducing the regulatory burden and fraud risk.

Why Open Banking matters

As the digital economy evolves, businesses need payment solutions that align with consumers’ needs. Open Banking is reshaping the payment landscape with over 11.6 million payments processed to date. Embracing Open Banking provides businesses with a distinct competitive advantage.

Aero Commerce users can now reap the advantages of Open Banking payments, thanks to the seamless integration with Ordo. This integration offers users greater choice, convenience, speed and, most importantly, enhanced security.

Speaking on behalf of Aero Commerce, Scarlett Reeves, Head of Brand and Marketing, explains: “Our partnership with Ordo is a source of great pride for us. As a leading ecommerce platform, it’s important that we’re providing our retailers with a range of payment solutions. Ordo’s open banking solution offers numerous distinct advantages for our merchants, and we’re thrilled that Aero retailers can now leverage the Ordo solution. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Ordo team and look forward to furthering our partnership.”

Ordo CEO Craig Tillotson said, ‚ÄúWe are delighted to bring the power of Open Banking to web agencies and retailers, paving the way for a new era of efficiency, security, and user-friendliness in payment solutions for Aero Commerce and its valued clients. Through our collaboration, we’re set to transform the eCommerce landscape, not only by combatting fraud but also by addressing the high commission rates and processing costs associated with payments. We’re on a mission to facilitate secure and seamless financial transactions between consumers and businesses, and we couldn’t be more excited about the journey ahead.‚ÄĚ

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About Ordo

Ordo‚Äôs ‚ÄúPayments-as-a-Service” offering delivers fully managed, white-labelled, turn-key solutions for Open Banking payments¬†including Request to Pay, E-Commerce, QR Code and the very latest VRP-enabled services. Ordo‚Äôs highly secure service, designed¬†and built by payment experts, provides an array of frictionless payment solutions that are easier than ever for your customers to¬†use, and more cost-effective than traditional payment methods.
Ordo’s highly secure, cloud-native, Open Banking-enabled payments platform provides businesses large and small with low-cost, real-time and easy-to-use e-commerce, Point of Sale, invoice and contact centre payments directly from their customer’s bank accounts into their own bank accounts. Businesses can access the Ordo platform in a number of ways: through an Ordo Merchant Acquirer/PSP payments partner, via Ordo’s modern APIs, and for smaller businesses, through our integrations with QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero accounting software or directly via Ordo’s web/app interfaces.
Ordo’s services are fully managed and hosted, but customisable to deliver a business’s brand look and feel to their paying customers without the need to build bespoke payment journeys and customer management serviceyou.Ordo also uses Open Banking payments to enable refunds and secure customer payouts as well as account validation services. 
Learn more about Ordo:¬†www.ordopay.com   Try Ordo for free:¬†www.myordo.com  

About Aero Commerce

Aero is a powerful ecommerce platform designed with the evolving needs of retailers in mind. The Aero platform gives retailers the tools needed to reach their market, drive revenue growth, and reduce business costs – all while delivering the ideal customer experience.

Our team has years of experience and know-how in the world of retail, agency work, and platform. We’ve experienced first-hand the shortcomings of legacy ecommerce systems. We’ve been there ourselves so we have a true understanding of what users expect.

That is why we answered the call for something better, through a solution built to provide industry-leading performance and first-class customer experiences. We aspire to be the world’s leading ecommerce platform through a faster, more accessible, and flexible offering that creates an improved experience for agencies, developers, and most importantly, retailers and their customers.

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