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Someone's asked you to pay with Ordo

– Click the secure link in the email or text message from the business you’re trying to pay;
– If you recognise the business, the reason for payment and the amount, respond to the request and select your bank from the list; Ordo will take you to your bank where the payment will be ready; and
– Authorise payment with your bank in the normal way.

There is no need to type in card details or account numbers, and there is no sharing of sensitive information.
Ordo uses bank grade security and we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ordo works with over 40 banks in the UK.

Payment is instant. The money will transfer straight from your bank account direct to the bank account of the business you’re paying.

Yes! It is secure, instant and free for consumers. Sign up at www.myordo.com (it takes 3 minutes).

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Nationwide Building Society through NBS Ventures Ltd. has invested in Ordo.

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