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How has COVID-19 affected the handyman industry?

It’s Hands-Off For Handymen Post-Lockdown

As restrictions finally begin to ease in the UK following months of lockdown, many of us will be looking forward to getting outdoors, getting a haircut and getting back to normal.  For countless home-owners, this new freedom will also offer a chance to welcome back their handyman to tackle the myriad household issues which have occurred in his absence. 

Handing over cash is a no no

A large number of people in Great Britain rely on the services of a handyman for a variety of projects.  Surveys show that handymen are hired for anything from changing a light bulb to putting together flatpack furniture and Brits have very much missed being able to hire their handy hero.  Although we are now able to once again have work done in our homes, some government guidance is still in place.  This means that, although your handyman can work in your home, he will still need to maintain the required distance from yourself and other members of your household.  It is also recommended that PPE such as face masks and hand sanitiser are still used wherever possible. 

Although it’s great that this work can now resume, another problem for handymen comes in the form of payment.  These vital tradespeople would traditionally be paid in cash – particularly for the smaller, inexpensive jobs performed.  Unfortunately, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use and exchange of cash is very much to be avoided.  Needless to say, most handymen don’t really want the expense or hassle of investing in card payment machines and, the other alternative, paying by cheque, is impractical as well as the fact that cheques take a long time to clear.  As the wheels of commerce begin to turn once more, the nation’s handymen will be looking for ways to get paid without the exchange of cash. 

A handy alternative

Ordo is the perfect solution for handymen who want to get paid without compromising safety.  A smart payment platform, Ordo is 100% non contact and allows handymen to issue Smart Requests for payment using their customers’ email address or telephone number.  Then, all they need to do is send the request to the customer who can then quickly and easily make instant payments directly from their bank account.  Ordo’s solution is particularly ideal for handymen as Smart Requests and payment can be made instantly on-site, limiting the risk of non-payment and helping to keep cash flow flowing in the right direction.  Try now for free!