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Reimagine Giving:
Empower donors, simplify donations, and build trust for greater impact

Your Charity is facing soaring costs and diminished donation values? Unlock greater impact with lower processing rates, broader reach, and seamless fundraising – all with Ordo.

When it comes to donating, the traditional payment methods aren't as efficient as they could be

The old-school ways of collecting donations? They’re just not cutting it anymore. It’s a slow process, riddled with fees, and let’s face it, donors often struggle to see where their money truly goes.

But it’s not just tough on donors; it’s a headache for charities too. This not only makes it challenging for potential donors to contribute but also puts a strain on your organisation’s ability to make a real impact. 

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Featured fundraising campaigns

We collaborate with charitable organisations of all sizes as well as individuals to facilitate fundraising, emphasising a quick, secure, fairer, and enjoyable giving experience – as it should be.

Transform lives with fast, secure and transparent donations

Give more. Impact more

Transform lives with real-time, card-free donations, seamlessly integrated into your website’s fundraising capabilities. Plus, with scannable QR codes, you can initiate fundraising campaigns instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Empower your vision

Empower your cause with maximum impact

Unlike traditional card donations with their cumbersome processes and potential security risks, our solution offers a more efficient, secure, and accessible way to make an impact.

Encourage donations with effortless, simplified processes

Boost your impact with Open Banking donations

Ordo’s platform future-proofs the way you receive donations, seamlessly integrating with existing financial software, CRM systems, and accommodating various payment methods, all while preserving your charity’s branding.

Do more good with Ordo

Our expertise, tailored to your Charity

Ordo is a white-label payment platform that offers unmatched flexibility, supporting both embedded payments on websites with minimal integration and hosted payment pages, ensuring a seamless donor experience across all platforms.


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Real-time processing

Donations are processed instantly, providing immediate funds for urgent needs.

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Reduced transaction fees

Save over 80% compared to traditional card payments, ensuring more funds go directly to the cause.

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Enhanced security

No need to enter card or bank details, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing donor trust.

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Anywhere donations

Enable on-the-spot contributions with scannable QR codes, making it easy to start campaigns anytime, anywhere.

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Increased transparency

Donors receive immediate acknowledgment and receipts for their donations, building trust and encouraging repeat donations.

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Streamlined donor experience

Simplify the donation process with seamless, user-friendly interfaces that encourage more frequent contributions.

It's easier to donate via Ordo!

We collaborate with organisations of all sizes and individuals to facilitate fundraising, emphasising a quick, secure, fairer, and enjoyable giving experience – as it should be.

With open banking, there is no need for cards or intermediaries, making the donation process faster, cheaper and more convenient!

It’s secure, simple and swift with Open Banking

Technical Specifications

Explore the technical specifications of our platform and discover how it can streamline your operations, enhance security, and maximise donor engagement. 

From seamless integration to real-time processing, our solution is designed to meet the unique needs of charities seeking to make a meaningful impact.

Example of fundraiser page:
Ordo fundraiser
  • Real-time transaction updates: Know the payment status instantly and receive notifications once authorised. With Ordo, there’s no more waiting days for funds to settle. Transactions are settled in real-time, 24×7, empowering you to take immediate action when the goal is reached and liberate the funds to directly support your cause.

  • Flexible contribution options: With Variable Recurring Payments (VRP), donors can set up flexible, recurring contributions to support your charity continuously.

  • Automated reconciliation: Streamline your financial processes with automatic reconciliations, reducing administrative burden and ensuring accurate accounting of donations, so you can focus on what matters most – making a difference in the world.
  • Keeping your data safe: We’ve implemented top-of-the-line encryption measures to ensure that all donor information and transaction data are securely protected.

  • Extra layer of protection: With our multi-factor authentication system, you can rest assured that only authorised users can access sensitive information, adding an extra layer of security to your transactions.

  • Compliance you can trust: Our platform complies with all relevant financial regulations, including GDPR and PSD2, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is handled with care.
  • Customisable donation pages: Tailor the donation experience to match your charity’s branding and messaging. Choose between embedding payment pages into your website infrastructure alongside other payment methods or hosting them with us. Both options are available in white label, allowing you to showcase your brand seamlessly and maintain consistency across all touchpoints.

  • QR code donations: Simplify the donation process with QR codes, allowing donors to contribute effortlessly at events and fundraisers.

  • Mobile-friendly design: The Ordo platform is optimised for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless donation experience for donors on smartphones and tablets.
  • Seamless integration: Say goodbye to compatibility issues! Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing charity platforms and websites, thanks to our robust APIs.

  • Works across platforms: Whether your donors prefer online banking or digital wallets, our solution is compatible with all major banking systems enabling account-to-account (A2A) payments.

  • Real-time processing: No more waiting around for funds to come through. With our 24×7 real-time processing feature, donations are transferred to your charity’s account instantly, ensuring smooth cash flow management.
Get in touch with us today to explore our special discounted pricing for charities! Our team is here to help you make a difference. Visit our developers’ portal for more information on integration options and resources.

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FAQ - Top questions

Ordo and security

Donations are processed as ‘smart requests’ directly from your donor’s bank account. Ordo ensures security and confidentiality of account details by not displaying them to anyone. Ordo provides payment details directly to the donor’s bank, where the donor confirms the donation payment securely. This eliminates the risk of mistyping account details and ensures payments reach the intended recipient.

Open Banking allows technology firms like Ordo to talk directly with the banks, allowing Charities and businesses to request and make payments simply, swiftly and securely.

Yes, charities can display Ordo alongside other payment methods on their platforms. While Ordo focuses on secure and efficient Open Banking payments, charities have the flexibility to offer a variety of payment options to their donors, ensuring convenience and choice in their donation processes.

Yes. At Ordo, we prioritise safety and security, reflecting our commitment to protecting your privacy. Our platform is inherently designed with robust privacy measures, encrypting all data using cutting-edge security protocols. Messages are transmitted through our secure channel, enhancing protection against cyber threats.

We eliminate the use of credit or debit card information, ensuring there’s no risk of card-related data breaches. Smart requests do not include bank account details, safeguarding against interception risks.

Additionally, Ordo maintains strict confidentiality standards, ensuring that bank account, sort code, and security details are never exchanged between sender and recipient.

When processing a smart request, you’re securely directed to your own bank to authorise the payment, ensuring that your sensitive financial information remains private even from us.

Ordo and Charities

When starting a fundraiser, as a charity, you can effortlessly initiate payment requests (called smart requests) securely and swiftly embedded into your website, the Ordo app, or directly via the Ordo website. This process is fully encrypted end-to-end, ensuring security akin to WhatsAppâ„¢, with no visibility even to us. Both sender and receiver, or biller and payer as we call them, are instantly notified when smart requests are sent and money is received. Simply share the request through your website, a scannable QR code, or a secure, tokenised link sent via email or mobile number. We protect your organisation’s account details, ensuring confidentiality. Donors receive immediate notifications of your smart request and can make payments in seconds. Smart requests are end-to-end encrypted, similar to WhatsApp™—we can’t even see the contents. They travel through our secure channel, not the internet, which protects against fraudsters. You never need to share your private financial information (security codes, card details, sort code, or account number) with the other party; everything is securely managed within Ordo and never disclosed by Ordo. We make it quick, easy, and convenient for payers to complete transactions, and cost-effective for charities. Funds are instantly deposited into your account, accurately referenced, eliminating the need for reconciliation—a significant time-saver for your operations! Furthermore, we don’t charge transaction percentages or hide any fees—making our innovation truly beneficial!

Most card and payment providers charge a monthly fee, a device rental fee, and a transaction percentage ranging from 1% to 4%. At Ordo, we believe more of your donations should support your cause. That’s why we only charge a minimal, flat fee—and that’s it!

For charities, we offer 50 free smart requests when you sign up, allowing you to try it out at no cost. After the initial 50 free requests, the price is a discounted fixed fee of just a few pence. Contact us today for pricing details.

  1. AIB (NI) Business
  2. AIB (NI) Personal
  3. Allied Irish Bank
  4. Allied Irish Bank Business
  5. Bank of Ireland UK
  6. Bank of Scotland [Business]
  7. Bank of Scotland [Personal]
  8. Barclays [Business]
  9. Barclays [Personal]
  10. Barclays Business
  11. Barclays Corporate
  12. B Bank
  13. Cash Plus
  14. Chelsea Building Society
  15. Clydesdale Bank
  16. Coutts & Co
  17. Cumberland Building Society
  18. Danske Bank [Business]
  19. Danske Bank [Personal]
  20. First Direct
  21. Halifax Personal
  22. HSBC Personal
  23. HSBC UK Business
  24. Lloyds [Personal]
  25. Lloyds [Business]
  26. Monzo
  27. M&S Bank
  28. Nationwide
  29. Natwest
  30. Natwest Bankline
  31. Revolut
  32. Royal Bank of Scotland
  33. Royal Bank of Scotland Bankline
  34. Santander
  35. TSB Bank
  36. Ulster Bank (UK)
  37. Virgin Money
  38. Yorkshire Bank
  39. Yorkshire Building Society
We’d love to hear from you! To schedule a demo, please visit our demo page. For pricing inquiries, click here, or for support, contact us.

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Ordo and donors' bank

Ordo allows donors to pay smart requests directly from their bank accounts. Security and account details are never displayed by Ordo to anyone. Ordo provides the payment details to the donor’s bank, and the donor confirms with their bank that they want to make the payment. This eliminates the need to type in other people’s account details, reducing the risk of mistyping and paying the wrong person.

Ordo uses Open Banking, which allows technology firms like Ordo to communicate directly with banks, enabling simple, swift, and secure payment requests. Both Ordo and Open Banking are technically secure, easy to use, and keep donors in control, just as it should be.